Looking for prewired Fender Stratocaster Guitar Electronics?

Check out www.PickersParts.com they not only have pickups but they have prewired loaded setups too! Just drop in and go.  They also have a large selection of prewired harnesses – the switch and potentiometers – all wired ready for your pickups – all in a variety of switching configurations including Fender’s TBX Tone Control!

American 5 Way TBX Stratocaster Harness - $50 at Pickers Parts
American 5 Way TBX Stratocaster Harness – $50 at Pickers Parts

We use:

  • Oak Grigsby Switches
  • CTS Potentiometers
  • USA Vishay Sprague Orange Drop Caps
  • Vitamin T Oil Filled Caps
  • Modern or Vintage Cloth Wire

 At Pickers Parts you’ll find:

  • Fender Stratocaster Guitar Prewired Electronics / Harnesses
    • American 5 or 7  Way Switching
    • American 5 or 7 Way with Fender’s TBX Tone Control
    • Pickers Parts ToneMaster 10 Way Switching
Lace Chrome Domes Brushed Style Loaded Pickguard - $225 at Pickers Parts

Lace Chrome Domes Brushed Style Loaded Pickguard - $225 at Pickers Parts

  • Fender Stratocaster Prewired Loaded Pickguards made with
    • Nico’s Vintage USA Pickups
    • Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster Pickups
    • Seymour Duncan Stratocaster Pickups
    • Lace Music Products Stratocaster Pickups
    • Wilkinson
    • Kent Armstrong

We found the best feature at www.PickersParts.com to be the Custom Prewired Loaded Pickguards from their world famous custom shop. Pickers Parts has been building custom loaded prewired pickguards for years for customers worldwide.

With pickguards from the custom shop you choose:

  • Pickups
  • Pickguard Color
  • Pickup Cover Color
  • Knob / Switch Tip Color
  • Electronics / Harness / Switching
  • Vintage or Modern Wire
  • Traditonal Steel, Black or Gold Hardware

You also get:

  • Expert solder work
  • Labeled Lead Wires
  • Easy to follow installation diagram
  • Toll Free Customer Support

You’ll find tons of incredible setup with the industries best solder work and electronic components. And if you don’t see what you want ask the custom Shop…They will build it for you!

You can visit Pickers Part at


or Email GuitarParts@PickersParts.com

or call toll free in the US and Canada at 1-877-577-8728

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