How to Build Your Own Custom Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar

If your reading this blog, chances are you’re considering or have started building your own Custom Fender Stratocaster. A great choice for guitar because the part selection, both 100% Authentic Fender or aftermarket, is in extreme abundance. This blog is a long work in progress and will continually add to it as time permits.

For the most part the components which make up a Fender Stratocaster or Stratocopy for that matter are quite similar and go togethery intuitively. You’ll find that if you have moderat ability with your hands it, you should have no worries building your own custom stratocaster.

To start you’ll need the following components to complete a stratocaster:

  1. Guitar Neck
  2. Guitar Body
  3. Guitar Loaded Pickguard
  4. Tremolo
  5. Tuning Keys
  6. Jack Plate & Socket
  7. Neck Plate
  8. Tremolo Cover
  9. Strap Knobs / Pins
  10. Guitar Strings

1. Stratocaster Necks by Fender, Licensed Manufacturers or Strat Varieties

Fender necks are great, high quality and offer great playability. They may look similar but have many nuances from model to model. The important thing here is to buy one that is the same heel dimensions as your Fender Stratocaster body. The two common dimensions are 2-3/16″ or 2-1/4″. Most modern Fender American or Mexican issued necks are of 2-3/16″. For more info on neck specifications visit, click your favorite product, then click specifications. All specs for the neck as well as other guitar characteristics will be displayed here.

You can buy 100% Authentic Fender Replacement Necks at

2. Fender Stratocaster Bodies

Most are constructed of 2-3 piece Alder or Ash. Traditionally alder has been the choice through the years with many in recent years finding Ash to be comparable tone wood with a gorgeous grain pattern. Again, it is important to note the neck pocket dimensions, specifically the width ~ 2-3/16″ or 2-1/4″. The pickguard patterns can vary, most are 11 hole. However, the 50s models have 8 hole and the 60s have a unique 11 hole pattern called ’62 RI. Incidentally its the only year Fender made this pickguard pattern. Fender bodies come routed for several different pickup configurations with SSS (single/single/single) or HSS (humucker/single/single) being the most common. Its also important to note the tremolo requirements. Here  Fender uses several types with the most common being the vintage 6 hole mount traditional style. These also come in two primary spacings of 2-1/16″ and 2-3/16″. Most import bodies use 2-1/16″ while American and vintage style tend to use 2-3/16″ tremolo kits. Of late Fender has started using the 2 point style with mixed reviews.

You can find a large selection of 100% Authentic Fender Stratocaster bodies at


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